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Simple Shakshouka for Lazy Cooks

Vegetables have never been this good...

Forget avocado toast. Shakshouka , a traditional Tunisian dish, could be the healthy it-dish to watch for 2018.


This simple dish made out of cheap ingredients earned the name shakshouka (which means mixture) from its patchwork of vegetables and eggs.


Here MILLE gives you an ultra-simple recipe to take your shakshouka to a whole new level. This easy dish is a go-to for Tunisian students looking for a taste of home. For the rest of the world, it is a good way to start a year of good resolutions eating new, healthy, non-boring and tasty food


Prep Time: 30 minutes



Ingredients (serves 2)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp of harissa

1 onion

6 cherry tomatoes

2 tbsp tomato purée

1 green bell pepper

4 eggs

2 cloves of garlic





Simmer the onion and garlic cloves in oil, and then add the tomato purèe and harissa, then reduce the heat for 10 minutes.


Dice the big bell green pepper then add it to the mixture with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and water if necessary. Cook for an additional five minutes then add the cumin and eggs (substitute the eggs for tofu or more vegetables for a vegan option) cook for five minutes on reduced heat then let the pan sit for five  minutes before serving.


Serve with whole wheat bread (or sourdough) and add parsley.



Top tip: add the eggs at the very end and turn the heat down for juicy, runny eggs.

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