Where to Find the World’s Best Burrata

The gooey appetiser we can’t get enough of

Over the last few years, there’s been a meteoric rise in demand in restaurants across the world, for the curiously gooey appetizer known as buratta.


In a Slate article published last year, chef Thomasso Mellili explained why burrata has grown in demand “It’s good quality, it’s devilishly good: it’s light, it’s fat – but not disgusting, it’s fresh and filling.”


As a sidenote, he went on to mention that customers who didn’t order the burrata were curiously much more interesting than those who did – and he is probably right.


Despite the cheese’s almost sheep-like following, we still crave its deliciously bouncy softness (and slightly acidic taste).


MILLE gives you six of the best places in the world to eat the very best burrata.



Ottanta, Paris

Ottanta is a restaurant that chose to work with regional farmed cow’s milk to produce and introduce fresh and hand-made mozzarella using the traditional technique founded in Puglia, the ancestral home of burrata.

You can visit their cute workshop and store in the chic Latin Quarter in Paris





Kesté, NYC



Kesté is a low-key restaurant in New York with over 70 types of Neapolitan pizzas but it’s also famous for its particularly delicious and super-fresh burrata that’s definitely worth the visit. Check out their outpost on Fulton street right in the heart of the Financial District.





La Tavernatta, Tunis

Who doesn’t like to find an ultra-exclusive hidden restaurant? La Tavernatta is a modest restaurant in La Marsa in Tunis. The restaurant only serves 4 tables at once and is run by an Italian couple. Make sure to ask the owner what to order, he gives the best recommendations and of course try out their burrata, to sigh for.





La Sponda, Sireneuse Hotel, Positano



Once you take in the beautiful landscape, you’ll also be amazed by the enormous burrata served in the magical La Sponda restaurant in Positano. It’s six-inches wide and is served with regional olive oil and crusty homemade bread.





La Petite Maison, UAE



Don’t be fooled by the French name. La Petite Maison has one of the best burratas in UAE. Simply served with tomatoes and basil you’ll be surprised by how exquisitely rich it is.





Trattoria Pugliese, Puglia



How can we mention all the previous places without mentioning the famous region near Puglia- Gioia del Colle or what the locals call ‘burrata town’. Trattoria Pugliese is a must-visit for cheese lovers and foodies alike. It offers genuine local cuisine from homemade pasta, a selection of fresh cheeses (with the burrata being the best – naturally) – it’s no wonder the restaurant features in the Michelin guide.



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