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skateboarders summer

Top 5 Cities to Skate This Summer

From LA and Argentina to Berlin, these are the ultimate spots

skateboarders summer

Skateboarding was born on the slopes and pavements of our urban jungles, so if you’re into skating, no summer vacation should be planned without considering if it’s a prime skate spot or not. 

MILLE picks our top 5 destinations to skate away the summer. 

skateboarding cities barcelonaBarcelona

The top spot comes as no surprise, with Barca being the European hub of skating. The city rose to attention for skaters with Transworld videos in the late 90s, shooting incredible lines with sick ground and ledges. This spot was Macba, and today it remains one of the most iconic skate sites in the world. As a city known for innovative architecture and the blessed mild weather, the city is forever-evolving for skaters and city-planners alike, and is still the dream of every skateboarding enthusiast.

skateboarding cities summer los angelesLos Angeles

No skate guide would be complete without referring back to where it all started. The cradle of skateboarding, LA remains the global hub of the skating industry, inspiring innovation in the skate world with filmmakers like Marque Cox. J-Kwon is still a Sunday must, just stay clear of the police…

skateboarding cities summer mar del plataMar del Plata

This unassuming, small and laid-back beach town in Argentina is considered the new home of Latin American skating. Home to skate master Milton Martinez, the city has some of the oldest and best transition spots in Argentina as well as smooth spots overlooking the ocean. Steak, sun and skateboarding – what more could you want?

skateboarding cities summer CopenhagenCopenhagen

The new kid on the block, Denmark’s capital has made a huge impact on the skateboarding world with its 2018 hosting of the CPH Open Contest, one of the best skate events in the world similar to the laid-back contests more seen in the 90s. It is also home to skateboarder Tom Penny’s infamous wooden bowl (now renamed Wonderland) in Christiana. A bicycle friendly city and one of the greenest cities in the world, set to be carbon-emission free by 2025, we can’t wait to see what the skate city has to offer. 

skateboarding cities summer berlinBerlin

The list wouldn’t be complete without this classic favourite. Heavy reconstruction, which has been ongoing since reunification in 1989, provides continual innovation to skate-life in one of Germany’s most diverse cities. Berlin is also one of the most popular summer destinations for skaters, and also boasts the Kulturforum, a rebirth of Barcelona’s Macba.

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