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5 Things to Expect at Sole DXB

The region’s best event returns this December

In 2010, Sole DXB—the lifestyle festival for streetwear, hip-hop, art and basketball—launched its first edition, putting a spotlight on the city’s often ignored, and little-known, street scene. In less than 10 years, Sole has become the region’s biggest cultural festival (with over 22,000 people in attendance), and has given a platform to the growing community and cemented Dubai as the region’s leading streetwear destination.


This year the festival—which takes place in the Dubai Design District—will pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of the UK’s acid house movement, which is also known as the Second Summer of Love, by showcasing independent brands and artists from South Africa, India, Turkey, Nigeria, UAE and more.


“We made multiple trips to Cape Town and Johannesburg, connecting with designers, artists, musicians and creators in each city, learning their stories and digging into their culture. We feel that South Africa is a good representation of what street culture looks like when it’s still organic, in cities with rich and complicated histories. South Africa’s past has given voice to a new generation of creators, that are forming ideas shaped by race, culture and identity”, says co-founder Raj Malhotra before adding, “With every community we’ve explored, Sole has looked to build a direct bridge between our city and theirs”.


Set to happen on from 6 – 8 December, here’s what to expect from Sole DXB this year.



An experiential activation from Adidas, dropping Yung Series, Never Made, Yeezy and Dragonball Z.


Exclusives and interactive installations from Dior and Farfetch.


Exclusive launches from Puma and Reebok (expect Puma’s latest Thunder collaboration with fashion designer Lama Jouni and Istanbul-based streetwear brand Les Benjamins).


The opening of this year’s Early Retirement concept store, will reveal creations made by Hassan Hajjaj, Precious Trust and The Basement.


The final line-up hasn’t been announced just yet, but having invited artists such as Pusha T and Goldlink last year, we don’t expect to be disappointed.


Tickets are on sale now

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