Spacetoon Theme song Captain Majid

The Definitive Ranking of 00s Spacetoon Theme Songs

Captain Majid forever

Spacetoon Theme song Captain Majid

When it launched at the turn of the millennium, Spacetoon changed the game. The Arab TV channel soon became home to our favourite childhood cartoons. And more importantly, we need to talk about the theme songs. I can guarantee that I am not alone in saying that I still remember most of them word-for-word.  

With the channel broadcasted in 22 different countries, no Arab’s childhood was complete without the countless hours spent in front of the TV screen, waiting for our favourite show to come on, and fighting our siblings (and our parents) for the remote. 

And behind all the theme songs is a woman named Rasha Rizk, the Syrian singer’s voice is behind the dubbed voices of Al Mo7aqaq Conan, Captain Majid, 3ahd Al Asdeqaa, and even Pokémon. 

Since then, she’s gone far beyond the warm glow of Spacetoon, focusing on her solo music career. Rizk even snagged two Grammy nominations in 2018 for Best World Music Album’. But for a generation of millennials, her voice will always be defined by the Spacetoon theme songs of the 2000s.

We were feeling a little nostalgic, so we scoured YouTube and found some of our favourites, and ranked the most memorable Spacetoon theme songs for you. 


Captain Majid

Detective Conan

3ahd Al Asdi9a


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