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This is How Students Can Get Funded During Coronavirus Quarantine

Calling all students now

How can we get work while at home? How can we stick together despite the distance? How do we cope with anxiety? These are just some of the questions we are all asking ourselves. If you have the answers, now is your chance to get it funded.

The Global Grad Show—a year-round programme for graduates and universities working on Social Impact Innovation projects—is launching an open call for submissions from all over the world.

The call is open to any student or professor until April 2. It doesn’t matter what discipline you focus on, the only thing that matters is your capacity to identify and address a critical issue surrounding Covid-19, which can range from home quarantine to decontamination of public areas, to enhanced patient-screening methods and statistical disease-prediction models.

Submissions will be assessed by a panel of experts in health, innovation and technology, and selected proposals will receive an academic award in the form of a scholarship (covering the annual tuition fee of the selected student or establishing a research scholarship of equivalent value for the department of the selected professor) and may be further funded to be produced and distributed at scale.

“COVID-19 is entangling the world in a healthcare challenge and creating a tailspin of circumstances that needs to be addressed to safeguard our communities, the global economy, and the way we live and interact with each other overall. With the full support of ICD and a consortium of institutions, the Global Grad Show will help enable its creative community to challenge the global threats the world faces today,” declared ICD Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mohammed I. Al Shaibani.

If you want to get involved, apply here.

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