5 Stunning Boutique Hotels to Celebrate Eid in the Region

It’s time for a staycation


It’s undeniable that the past few weeks have been anything but easy. As temperatures are rising during the holy month of Ramadan, fasting required some extra resilience and patience this year. As people tend to say though, after great effort comes great comfort, and with Eid being just around the corner, is there any better moment to start thinking of where you’ll be celebrating all while putting your feet up?

Our region, known for its dazzling views and rich extensive culture, is also home to some of the world’s best holidays spots – including some dream-like locations. Looking to enjoy Eid under the sun? Here are some of our favourite places to take a few days off.

Riad Goloboy, Marrakech

Nestled in the red city of Marrakech, Riad Goloboy captures the essence of Moroccan culture in a stunning 19th-century decor and aesthetic. The walls are coated in a soothing pastel blue and adorned with colourful artworks from Henri Matisse and Serge Poliakoff. The 15 rooms available to book remind guests of the country’s golden artistic age where young artists would come to draw unique inspiration and explore the medina’s mysteries and wonders. 

Bkerzay, Mount Lebanon

Only an hour a little away from the Cedar country’s capital, at the heart of the Chouf region, the eco-friendly Bkerzay experience is one that is made of fresh, pollution-free air, sensational mountain views and with pottery classes and all sorts of artsy activities to take on. Perfect spot to take a break from urban life, its traditional architecture and structure is in perfect symbioses with its surrounding environment and celebrates Lebanon’s wildlife without having to harm a single bit of it. Proud user of solar energy and a water purificator to recycle its own water, a guilt-free stay at Bkerzay can only be highly recommended.

25h hotel, Dubai

Located by Dubai’s financial district and overlooking the recently established Museum of the Future, 25h hotel is one of the Emirate’s newest hotspots granting guests a real experience of the gulf state’s Bedouin traditions, with a modern twist. The hotel is made of 434 rooms and suites, a bar, a mouth-watering restaurant as well as a peaceful co-working space. Ideal for any kind of motive or occasion, the hotel is definitely one to keep in mind if ever travelling around the region. 

Villa Bleue, Sidi Bou Said

Combining Arabic and Andalusian styles together to give birth to a one-of-a-kind decor, Villa Bleue, is a relaxing resort in the middle of the Tunisian island of Sidi Bou Said that smoothly takes you on a comforting trip into the Mediterranean country and its culture.  Each one of the handful of rooms and suites available to lease has a breathtaking view of the sea and strikes the ideal blend of the old and new. Heritage and modernity meet to provide you with an ideal nest to put your feet up and enjoy a paradise-like stay with your family, friends or partners. 

Winter Palace, Luxor

Real historical landmark, one of Winter Palace’s most interesting stories resides in the fact that Agatha Christie booked a stay to pen ‘Murder on the Nile’ down. Featured on the exclusive list of Palace hotels in the world, the 5-star resort is located at the heart of Luxor, an easy walk and short cab ride away from Egypt’s most spectacular sites and ancient museums. Giving onto some of the Nile’s epic views, the hotel is a real blast from the past and will certainly take you back in time and help you travel through eras. Unique and adamantly a must-visit, Luxor’s Winter Palace is an anchor of the past that has not yet succumbed to modern days and ways. 

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