Stussy Reveal New Line of Rugs in Collaboration with Moroccan-Based Artisan Project

Upcycling has never looked cooler

The traditional and ultra-modern finally meet on a couple of centimetre squared tapestries that are being weaved in together for more than just the right reason. American label Stussy has just partnered up with the Moroccan-based Artisan Project, a women’s led initiative aiming at preserving and shedding light on the country’s ancestral techniques of fabric and knit. 

Produced by the above-mentioned weaving cooperative based in Ain Leuh, the limited edition carpets are all unique in colour, size, shapes and pattern and mirror authentic methods of design and craft that scream of Morocco’s melting-pot of influences and extensive know-how.

Used as canvases of another kind, staple Californian landscapes and vintage Moroccan rugs were used as inspiration and are thoroughly referenced through the bright amorphous tones of the pieces.

The weavers of the Ain Leuh Women’s Weaving Cooperative
Ain Leuh at Sunset

Dropping exclusively on the Stüssy online store and through regional sites on September 3rd, this new collaboration is one we cannot wait to put our hands on.

Celebrating the launch of this new collaboration through the print of a dedicated magazine issue, the brochure delves into the behind the scenes of the partnership by capturing through lens the women, techniques, materials, stories and overall creative process that made this project materialise. 

Hitting two birds with one stone, the American brand has also revealed that there will be future endeavours with the Moroccan collective. There was no mention of where or when this would happen, but we’ll keep you posted.

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