The Suhoor Playlist You Didn’t Expect to be Listening To

Very suave

It’s 3 AM, everyone’s in the kitchen snacking their way through suhoor. Of course, everyone is grumpy, with a long day of fasting ahead of them.

The slightest noise can take you over the edge: the pots and pans clinging on the stove or in the sink to the friends and family members chatting in the living room and giving you a headache. Lets face it, Suhoor time has to be a quiet time.

Not everyone is blessed with a calm household though, so how about a little playlist to plug yourself in and calmly cruise through your morning munch. 

For that reason, we gathered 30 suave songs to put you in just the right mood to keep your mind empty while filling your stomach up. It’s a real cocktail of tracks ranging all the way from Rap to RnB, Lo-Fi all while including some of our favorite and most talented vocalists. 

Didn’t expect to be listening to that for Suhoor did you? It’s a real soothing experience to help you disconnect. So what are you waiting for? Get playing!


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