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Here’s How You Can Support Arab Designers From London This Weekend

Welcome to the UK shabab!

Niching new brands isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when looking for Arab-led labels from outside the region. However, London-based platform Flair Fashion is attempting to make that process less complicated and more interactive through a carefully curated and tailored event that aims to help shoppers delve into the industry’s behind-the-scenes all while discovering new emerging homegrown designers impatiently waiting on their time to shine. 

Held in the east of the British capital, there might be no better way to kick off the new month than with this event. Taking place all throughout this next weekend, from Oct. 1to 2, at The Lab E20, Flair Fashion will be hosting a 48-hour-long pop-up, held around the theme of “Re-defining Luxury,” to promote up-and-coming talents and their work, spotlight their craft, as well as their innovative, and at times sustainable, edge. 

Split into two categories, one part of the event will focus on presenting the trailblazing brands of tomorrow from the Arab World and beyond. An ephemeral boutique will be set up, inviting several labels to showcase their latest textile offerings and vision of fashion with, industry-related individuals, intrigued visitors, and potential customers. French-Tunisian footwear brand A-3 will be making its way from Paris to London to drive you through their newest collection, so will Jawad Ghailan, a Central Saint Martins alumnus originally from Morocco, through his high-end sports range, as well as Istanbul-based Essin Baris, with her industry-defying women’s wear range. Obviously, it goes without saying that the above mentioned brands are only the tip of a much larger iceberg with a slew of other brands, also hailing from the Middle East and elsewhere, coming to leave a mark in the city that just recently played host to its own fashion week in preceding weeks. 

Followed by a DJ set as well as a reception and networking session, inspiring talks and creative workshops have also been included into the event’s jampacked schedule. From better understanding up-cycling processes and sustainability practices with involved-practitioners to gaining insight on how to nurture a brand’s identity and expand its portfolio, partakers of the event will be able to enjoy a 360° experience inviting them to be both behind and in-front of some of the scene’s most important aspects, while providing guests with insight that will surely push the potential leaders of tomorrow to either launch, or better develop, a label with the right instruments and drive. 

“The fashion industry has traditionally always been tough on young designers and emerging brands, from the lack of infrastructure to working for free, this is a problem that is further exaggerated for international designers who are not from London, Paris, or New York. All the while, consumers are increasingly looking for value through mindful purchases from companies with a genuine purpose that is reflected in their actions,” said Mouhannad Al-Sayegh, Founder & CEO of Flair Fashion in a statement. 


 “We, at Flair, want to disrupt the industry and build a platform and technology to democratize the supply chain and fashion consumption. Celebrating the diversity in ideas, design, and innovation that emerges from designers around the world.” he continued. 

Refreshing and undeniably catering towards those that are still tiptoeing their way into the very harsh and ultra-competitive world of fashion, Flair will provide Londoners, and tourists there for the time being, with the ideal opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, support each-others efforts, and unearth the talents that still need that extra-push to potentially make it into the mainstream in the close future — and for that reason, we’d like to send our support. 

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