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Supreme and Rolex Are Rumored To Be Working on a Collaborative Watch

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supreme rolex

Following a string of highly-successful collaborations with luxury labels such as Louis Vuitton in 2017 and Burberry earlier this year, cult street wear label Supreme is continuing to tap into the higher stratum of fashion as the label is now rumored to join forces with luxury timepiece brand, Rolex. The American streetwear label, which has broken all kinds of records and made numerous headlines since the second half of the 2010s, could potentially be gearing up for its biggest collaboration this season with a new watch that could easily break the internet.

According to different dedicated accounts and fan-led forums, the Supreme x Rolex Friends & Family Submariner watch could be releasing as early as this fall. However, it’s not the first time the duo collaborated on the iconic timepiece. In 2013, the two labels partnered up on a watch featuring a black bezel and dial, accompanied by Supreme’s iconic Box Logo at the back of the case. Having recently reached the $100,000 benchmark on resell markets, if true, fans of the brand might this time be able to put their hands on the new iteration of the lavish accessory at a more affordable price tag, before it sells out within minutes, that is.

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Images of Supreme’s upcoming fall 2022 collection have already been going viral across social media, including the New York-based brand’s new photo tee featuring Andre 3000. Since yesterday though, more and more insider reports have included mock-ups of a yet -to-be-confirmed partnership with Rolex.


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According to the leaked pictures posted so far, the watch seems to be made of stainless steel and will come with a bright red dial with the text “Supr” engraved in white. Given the design, it’s clear that the watch was strongly influenced by Supreme’s emblematic Box Logo motif. Although not much more information regarding price or release date have been shared so far, reports have also noted that the watch could come with other related products as well.

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