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Sustainable Brands You Need to be Buying

Slow fashion is no longer a style sacrifice

With the release of the United Nation’s latest report, we’re collectively undergoing a global environmental crisis, and fashion still stands as the world’s third most polluting industry. However, in some slightly better news, slow fashion is officially having a moment, and style no longer has to be sacrificed.

Recent years have seen a rise in sustainable brands, and the region is no exception. So there’s no reason to continue indulging in damaging fast fashion – it’s time to embrace sustainability. These are the brands to bookmark now.



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: @nada.elrakaiby wearing the Fitted Henley and Culotte Sweatpants in Black—now on sale in-store and online. – Photographed by @zcewala

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The idea of farm-to-table is usually exclusive to the culinary industry, but with Kotn, the formula is being applied to ready-to-wear. The company opted out of the not-so-climate-friendly, but cheap, methods big corporations use when sourcing cotton. Instead, they work directly with farming families in Egypt, making their own cotton, minimising the use of pesticides, and rebuilding the local industry in the process.



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BASSCOUTUR | FW19 | WO TURTLE NECK |Recycle 90s Fabrics| @ann_amelyanova @sslaventy

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When French-Tunisian designer Riadh Travelsi founded Basscoutur, sustainability was always a part of the plan. The designer is firmly committed to upcycling, creating entire collections out of old and discarded clothing.

Rawan Maki

Few brands coming out of the Gulf have sustainability in mind, but that’s why Rawan Maki is an exception. The environmental-engineer-turned-designer founded her eponymous label with a mission to protect the environment, strictly using recycled and organic materials she sources across the globe to create her collections.



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ÈLBÉ 2019/ «By The Pool» Collection/ LOOKBOOK/ Photo @emmaburlet Models @zoelhote @adpld H&M @assetou_makeup

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The jewellery-industry is muddled with questions surrounding the ethics of its manufacturing processes. And designers Nour Ben Cheikh and Clementine L quickly picked up on the problem, committing themselves to sustainability. The duo only produces limited collections made of old materials they source before other manufacturers discard them.

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