model wearing beige tailored ensemble from Attuale

Slick Sustainable Fashion Finds a New Home in the Middle East

Attuale is putting consciousness first

model wearing beige tailored ensemble from Attuale

Attuale, which means ‘contemporary’ in English, is bringing sustainability to the forefront in the Middle East, as the region’s first dedicated eco-conscious online fashion store.

With climate change a major concern for the region (the Middle East and North Africa will be amongst the most affected areas according a UN report), the Italian retailer’s move to the region is welcomed, to say the least.

Founded by Giuditta Spezzapria, the retailer launched with 54 ready-to-wear, accessories and beauty brands on its roster including Paris Georgia, an essentials label from New Zealand, Berlin-based footwear line Aeydē, and Trine Tuxen, a modern minimalist jewellery brand from Copenhagen, Attuale is curated with sustainability in mind.

When I started Attuale, I wanted to find one single word in my mother tongue that would summarise and capture the essence of the message I want the brand to encapsulate,” explained Spezzapria in a statement. 

“Having grown up in a family of conscious and transparent entrepreneurs, I understand that ethics and business are not an easy mix, and that is why I choose to be conscious. I want to find and understand the meaning behind everything I do, or else I am not able to fight for it,” she continued.

The e-retailer has thought everything through. “We start from the small things, asking ourselves how we can reduce in even the most ordinary of decisions.” That’s why they’re waving goodbye to the practice of printing ‘thank you cards’ to accompany each purchase. Instead, they’re limiting it to first-time purchases. 

As for the packaging, that’s also kept to a minimum: every product will be delivered in reusable bags made from recycled materials.

“We are extremely attentive to details” explained Spezzapria, “[we are] continually challenging ourselves to think how we can take a more conscious approach to business,”

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