Tala Barbotin sustainability

Tala Barbotin Creates Soulful Designs Inspired by Dual Heritage

Upcycling the Arab way

Tala Barbotin sustainability

Tala Barbotin’s designs are heavily influenced by her dual heritage. Sourcing fabrics from Lebanon and Syria, the 22-year-old French-Lebanese designer is ready to change the way in which the fashion industry produces their clothes.

Thanks to her craft-inspired aesthetic, the sustainable designer’s meticulously detailed pieces give a cool twist to traditional embroidery, while blurring the lines between genders.

The super-wearable pieces, which ooze simplicity, are comprised of separates (skirts, mandarin collared shirting, pyjama pants and trousers) are made of lightweight cottons, denims and silk.

Tala Barbotin Tala Barbotin fashionInspired by brands like Koché and Jahnkoy, Barbotin incorporates second-hand clothing in to her designs and is passionate about revolutionising the zero-waste movement. “Fast fashion definitely plays a part in this loss of curiosity” Barbotin says, “it promotes clothes that represent a quick and easy solution and are void of meaning. If the clothes had a story, people would want to keep them.” 

As well as upcycling, she’s also bringing back the art of hand embroidery. Organising workshops with not-for-profit charity Womankind (which helps victims of domestic violence and human trafficking) she uses the meditative process to help heal post-traumatic stress.

Barbotin’s next step is to take the sustainability conversation to new heights – beyond the fringes of fashion. As part of collaboration with National Geographic, Barbotin will be hosting a series of workshops whereby the calming properties of sewing will be used to relieve psychological pain and trauma.

Tala Barbotin fashion designer Tala Barbotin sustainable design

When we understand other points of views, we open our minds and our ability for empathy and peace grows”, she says. And at a time when reversing the damage caused by fashion has never been so urgent, we need more people to stand up and be ready to save the planet. Creating garments at a slower pace and with care, Barbotin is definitely one of them.

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