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Tanween is the First Saudi Platform Dedicated to Creativity

And this is your last chance to participate

Launched as part of the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture (Ithra) Creativity Season (a Saudi Aramco citizenship initiative) in the city of Dhahran, Tanween is the largest workshop devoted to creativity in the Kingdom.


The groundbreaking, 17-day-long event will present a series of exclusive talks, workshops and exhibitions featuring talent and experts across varying industries across the world. With the event coming to an end at the end of this week, this is your last chance to participate in this one-of-a-kind creative platform.


“We are proud of the dynamic program of events that is certain to inspire everyone and encourage visitors to engage with new ideas, as well as be creative while they discover new ways to build fulfilling lives through enriching experiences,” says Ali Al Mutairi, Director at Ithra, discussing how Tanween invites all Saudis to interact with cutting-edge pioneers and engage in crucial debates in science, technology, communication and fashion.


Immersive, hands-on training in design and innovation will be led by key professionals (including a Tilt Brush experience by Google) as well as family-friendly activities, such as Bamboo Nonsense Instrumental Show; Project 2, an interactive live science fiction theater; and Greg Foot’s Science Communicator series, a colourful family show that brings spectacle to chemistry, oceanography and adventure.


If you’re into fashion, be sure to head to Tanween before it’s too late, as this week is the third and last week and it’s presenting an unrivalled fashion exhibition.


Razan Allazouni, Chador and Nora Al Shaikh are the three female Saudi designers exhibiting their exclusive collections, putting a spotlight on local talent and on the growth of the homegrown fashion industry. Internationally acclaimed stylist Vazil, who works for publications like Vogue and ELLE will also be present alongside fashion photographer Greg Adamski and Saudi videographer Mukhtar Shaheen. Taleedah Tamer, Saudi’s first model – and the first to ever walk during a couture show in Paris – will be the face of this season’s fashion exhibition.


Tanween runs until October 27 at Ithra, Saudi Arabia

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