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5 Reasons Fans Are Outraged Over Taylor Swift’s New BF

Why are Swifties outraged?

If you’ve been lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have ever been struck by Cupid’s love-drenched arrows, you‘re probably well aware of how much of an all-encompassing feeling love can be. 

But, as the saying goes, love is blind, truly rendering any flaws or imperfections your other half might carry as non-existent, no matter how toxic or problematic they might be. Far from being without any consequences, the intoxicating infatuation one has towards their significant other can sometimes also lead them towards their own demise— and examples of such cases are unfortunately anything but rare. 

The most famous example might have to be the late British singer Amy Winehouse, whose former husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is largely perceived by many as the catalyzing factor in her downward spiral into addiction and untimely death from alcohol poisoning in 2011. Her first manager, Nick Godwyn, even told British daily newspaper, The Times, how “Amy changed overnight after she met Blake,” alleging that it marked a turning point in both her life and career after being shunted into the infamous character’s drug-ravaged world.

Godwyn recounted how innocent the late singer was before meeting her former husband of two-years, recalling how “when (he) met her she smoked weed but thought that people who took class-A drugs were stupid,” — a tragic piece of information to learn considering her subsequent addiction to heroin and slate of other hard substances. Fans of Winehouse also blame Fielder-Civil for her addiction and eventual death aged 27, accusations which he has repeatedly rejected saying they were both “lost and damaged people.” 

Now, another famous hitmaker seems to have angered her fans as a result of her current love affair. After Taylor Swift was spotted cozying up with The 1975’s frontman and lead singer Matty Healy over the past couple of weeks, internet users and loyal Swifties have been quick to point fingers at her new fling’s questionable behavior instead of sending warm wishes towards the new couple.

For those wondering why Swifties are outraged over their idol’s current relationship, below, five accusations made by Swift fans for why they want him out of the picture, and even cancelled as soon as possible.


 Of the most popular accusations made towards Healy, Islamophobia has to be included in the top three. Alleged screenshots of the artist reposting tweets equating Islam to terrorism have gone viral in the past, as have past quotes essentializing all Muslims of being brown, which, needless to say, is factually wrong. The same goes for his since-deleted retweets of an Anti-Islam hate group with the rest of his audience on Twitter. Healy has yet to address these claims. 


In January, during a tour performance with his band in the UK, Healy was captured on video allegedly performing a Nazi salute while singing the lyrics of their song Love It If We Made It, which includes a reference to Kanye West, who made several controversial comments about the Jewish community in the past. The combination of Healy’s gesture alongside the lyric “Thank you, Kanye, very cool” was viewed as insensitive and inappropriate by many. Despite the outcry from fans and the general public, the lead singer is yet to have issued an apology.

Racist Accents

The month following his alleged Nazi salute, Healy appeared on The Adam Friedland Show, where he can be heard laughing as hosts Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen mock the Hawaiian, Chinese, and Inuit accents, and make inappropriate comments about Ice Spice, such as referring to her as “an Inuit Spice Girl,” “a chubby Chinese lady,” and an “Eskimo,” amongst other remarks. He later ended up apologizing to Ice Spice  in front of an audience during The 1975 At Their Very Best tour, stating “I love you, Ice Spice. I’m so sorry.”

@chang3ofheart♬ original sound – ash

On a separate occasion, Healy was allegedly seen on his bandmate, the 1975 guitarist Adam Hann’s Instagram Live, enthusiastically jumping around a room and singing along to Amine’s song Caroline, including the usage of the N-word present in the lyrics.

Questionable Following List 

Although his Instagram account is no longer active, several screenshots online have surfaced showing him following the highly controversial Andrew Tate,  as well as Kyle Rittenhouse, the 20-year-old American who fatally shot two men during the BLM protests that ensued after George Floyd’s death in 2020. It’s unknown whether the screenshots are real or have been altered.

… And Questionable Associates

The 1975 collectively dismissed all of the allegations made by their former fans towards their music video director, Adam Powell, who was previously accused of allegedly taking advantage of his position and notoriety to groom and get closer, to an intimate level, with fans, many of which were underage or barely legal. Considered an open secret by the group’s fandom circles, claims about Powell’s alleged inappropriate behavior first came to light around 2016/2017, and are yet to have been addressed by any of the members of the 1975 nor by any of the managerial teams either. 

According to a petition created online demanding justice for Powell’s victims, per the latest update made in 2021, “the 1975 have still not spoken about this situation (…) They have not said a single word about Adam Powell and what he did, nor have they disavowed that type of behavior.” 


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