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The 90s Arab Icons that Shaped a Whole Generation

The ultimate wardrobe inspiration


It’s hard to imagine a life before the internet—a time where fashion inspiration was void of infinite IG accounts to filter through, or the hundreds of thousands of outfits to scour on Pinterest. 

If you lived through the 90s, you probably know what it’s like to listen closely to the radio to catch the lyrics to your favorite track, and still get the words mixed up. When it comes to fashion, it was television that fed us inspiration all the way up to the turn of the century. And thankfully so. It’s Melody Hits, Rotana, and MBC that we owe our sartorial choices to. More particularly, the Arab world’s biggest stars whose styles kept us going. 

The 90s might be over, but we’ve kept our eyes on some of their best looks. After all, if there’s one word that we can always attribute to the world of fashion, it’s ‘cyclical’ and we’re bringing back some of our Arab star’s best looks. 

Not to worry though, you won’t have to make your way to a mall to bring it all to life. We’ve teamed up with Italian fashion retailer Yoox to choose some of our favourite pieces for you. 

From the iconic Cheb Khaled to the ultra-stylish Myriam Fares, these are the 90s and noughties icons that should continue serving as your style inspirations. 

Corset Queen: Myriam Fares

myriam fares

Yoox Picks

8 by YOOX, Moiré Bandeau Crop Top


The OG athleisure icon: Ruby


Yoox Picks

8 by YOOX, Organic  Jersey Hoodie w/elastic waistband

8 by YOOX, Sweatpants

The King of White Blazers: Cheb Khaled

cheb khaled

Yoox Picks

8 by YOOX, Sartorial jacket

8 by YOOX, Organic Cotton Mock Neck T-Shirt

Casual Done Right: Nadia El Gendy 

Yoox Picks

8 by YOOX, Denim pants

8 by YOOX, Organuc Cotton Lace-up Crop Shirt

Biker Chic : Amr Diab

amr dian

Yoox Picks

GUCCI, Biker jacket

8 by YOOX, Linen Loose Fit S/Sleeve T-Shirt

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