Art D’Egypte Brings the Pyramids of Giza to London in Latest Exhibition

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For the past two years, multidisciplinary arts entity Art D’Egypte has been bringing together esteemed international and regional artists to showcase their impressive large-scale site-specific artworks against the backdrop of the monumental pyramids of Giza for its annual “Forever is Now” exhibition. Now, the cultural institution has teamed up with British auction house Christie’s to bring some of the most iconic pieces from “Forever is Now” to the United Kingdom.

Getting underway in Mayfair, London since May 18, “The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect” is an eight-day-long exhibition showcasing works from the likes of globally-recognized artists Ahmed Farid, Sultan bin Fahad, Gisela Colón, Natalie Clark, and SpY, which are displayed in sand mirroring the Giza plateau to recreate the vibe of its annual event in Egypt, but in the U.K.

Some of the stunning pieces on display include JR’s “Greetings from Giza,” composed of a canvas mounted on a metal structure that plays with the idea of a postcard placed in front of the pyramids. There’s also British-American sculptor Natalie Clark’s “Spirit of Hathor,” an installation that manipulated steel and marble in a feminine way to represent Egyptian deitiy Hathor; and “Vital Sands” by Syrian-born visual artist Jwan Yosef, which is a unique sculpture that shows his own facial features made of Galala limestone partly submerged under sand.

“This exhibition reflects on time and timelessness,” said Art D’Egypte in a press statement. “The exhibition examines how art can act as a mode of disruption, creating a space of interaction and perception, and conceptualizing the artist’s visual language against an ever changing societal backdrop.”

“The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect” is on display at the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Mayfair, London only for one more day until tomorrow— run, don’t walk.

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