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The Best Coffee Shops for Remote Working In the Region

If you work remotely, this is for you

For those fortunate enough to work remotely, the comfort of home can sometimes turn into an isolating bubble. When loneliness creeps in, it’s time to venture beyond your four walls. For remote workers and digital nomads alike, the bond with a coffee shop can become one of the most vital connections you’ll make. There’s a certain magic in coffee shops that sparks productivity in a way home simply can’t match.

For all the digital nomads out there, we’ve curated a list of the coziest cafes scattered around the Middle East and North Africa where you can dive into your work and meet those deadlines with ease, from Tunis to Riyadh. 

One Life Cafe, Dubai


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Nestled in the bustling Dubai Design District, One Life Cafe offers immaculate vibes for remote workers. This spot feels like a home away from home thanks to its friendly staff, delicious food, and freshly made coffee. Plus, the carefully curated music selection creates the perfect backdrop for productivity.

To The Moon and Back (TTMB),  Dubai 

Inspired by Melbourne’s specialty coffee culture, TTMB in Al Wasl is a hidden gem. Renowned for serving one of the best chai lattes in Dubai, this space-themed café delights visitors with its unique illustrations on takeaway cups, designed to take you “to the moon and back.” TTMB is a charming retreat for anyone seeking a tucked-away coffee shop in Dubai.

Villa Sumatra, Maadi, Cairo


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Within the charming streets of Maadi lies Villa Sumatra, a hidden gem perfect for soaking up the sun while you work. They serve freshly baked pastries and delicious coffee, and most importantly, they have reliable Wi-Fi. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking a blend of work and leisure.

Bhive, Hamra, Beirut


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More than just a coffee shop, Bhive in Hamra is also a co-working space, bookstore, and outdoor haven all in one. Located in the popular Hamra district, this spot ensures a successful workday with its delightful coffee, tasty snacks, and conducive environment for productivity.

Bleue Deli, Sidi Bou Said, Tunis 


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Serving a delightful array of sandwiches, salads, and teas, this aesthetically pleasing cafe is the perfect spot to satisfy your taste buds while you tackle your daily tasks and deadlines. With its calm atmosphere and reliable Wi-Fi, it’s the go-to spot for remote work whenever you’re in Tunis.

Bohemia Cafe & Records, JAX District, Riyadh 


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Nestled in the repurposed warehouses of Riyadh’s JAX District, this coffee-shop-slash-record-store is perfect for those seeking a hip atmosphere while they draft emails and prepare presentations. In addition to a delicious selection of hot and cold beverage options, you can also browse through a range of vinyl selections from the likes of David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, The Beatles, and more.

Art House Cafe, Abu Dhabi

Located inside the Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Art House Café is a vibrant and colorful space that will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll find plenty of other remote workers here, creating a motivating atmosphere (if only out of peer pressure). It’s definitely not your typical café, and we love it all the more for its unique charm.

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