The Instagram Accounts Highlighting the Best of Arab Kitsch

You’re not ready for this.


Whether it’s the overedited, saturated good morning photos your mom sends you on Whatsapp, or a video of Lil Uzi Vert trying out dabke a Palestinian wedding, there’s a little corner on the internet reserved for Arab culture. And we’re digging all the way in.

In fact, we’re digging deep into the core of everything Arab, down to the most niche of memes. Thankfully, there’s a handful of IG accounts doing the bulk of the work, stringing together everything from a never-before seen photos of Melody Hits’ iconic ‘superheros’ from the television channel’s noughties ads to an obscure but viral-on-whatsapp video of an Egyptian man belly dancing on a bus.


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You might have already encountered some of their content, but we’ve rounded up five Instagram accounts that are making sure that each and every one of us gets their advised daily intake of the weird  that just hits very close to home. 



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This is far from your eye candy, sleek and chic mood boards that go straight to your saved tab on Instagram. Spearheaded by none-other than the brainchild behind trashy clothing, this account explores the bizarre photoshoots and interviews of the icons we grew up watching and the endless fashion faux pas we’ve all witnessed.


This account has an impressive collection of memes and Tik Toks based on Arab pop culture, from nostalgic facebook posts that unlock memories in all of us, to Western and Arab pop culture crossovers we wish were real, you won’t regret following them.



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This is the Arab world’s response to noeloquenceGet ready to watch some of the most puzzling Tiktoks that were made by our fellow Arab countrymen and women. 


Here is an amazing collection of all the clickbaity, fear-based and just overall the wildest thumbnails that have graced Arab youTube. 


Our last pick is going to provide you with the best good morning pics à la Arab aunt on Whatsapp. The catalogue is impressive, from a baby with eurocentric features wishing you “صباح الورد” to a classic cup of coffee and a meticulously placed rose beside it.


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