On the Move With the Launch of Montblanc’s Latest Collection, 3.0

Starring Samir DeCazza, Symon, and more

Summer is officially upon us, and with it comes trips to a variety of locales. As many of us will be on the move for the next couple of weeks— whether via car, train, boat, or plane— we must ensure our essentials are always an arm’s reach away. 

Iconic German brand Montblanc has brilliantly stood the test of time reinventing itself as years go by, always honing that edge that makes the luxury label undeniably different yet incredibly unique. With the holiday season in full swing, the Alpine maison just released Montblanc 3.0, a new line of bags that yields more power and style than any regular silhouette or outfit. 

Granting the must-have accessory with the utmost importance it deserves, Montblanc’s newest portable creation is one to put under the sign of elegance and sophistication while reverberating a fresh youthful energy. 

To celebrate the launch of Montblanc’s newest collection, Mille World teamed up with seven regional faces, stretching from internet celebrities to industry-recognized creatives, who are playing the proud ambassadors of the brand’s latest sartorial concept. 

Basil Alhadi

When touring the City of Lights, it’s certain that some things will catch your attention. If it’s not the smell of the uncounted number of bakeries populating the Iron Lady’s long, wide avenues, it’ll be the Haussmannian architecture. And if you’ve gotten too used to those, it’ll be finding someone simply smiling and jumping around. That’s the energy we saw beaming out of Basil Alhadi, more commonly known by his Instagram alias Karrouhat, when we met in the cobblestone streets of the French capital. Flaunting a moustache that one could only dream of grooming, the multifaceted creative revealed feeling at ease and more than just comfortable wearing Montblanc.


Meet Symon, with a strong emphasis on the Y. A day in the life of the jet-setting Parisian singer, of Tunisian and Algerian descent, involves trekking from one city to the other to serenade his adoring fans and perform live at sold-out shows.

Trevor Stuurman

The 28-year-old photographer and self-proclaimed “global African” has duties to offer on all four corners of the globe as the incentives behind his movements are what eventually make him who he is. A life pursuing what moves you entails having the necessary accessories to follow you around. With that being said, is there really any better travel partner than Montblanc?

Fahd El

Quickly ascending to YouTube fame, Egyptian-Algerian star Fahd EL is already on his way to the top of the industry’s summits. His humor and charm are enough to catapult him towards mainstream notoriety.

Mohammed Habtoor

The Dubai-based socialite and influencer could be seen as our generational equivalent to Ibn Battuta. The young globe-trotter has been through more airports and customs than one could think of. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed shows him in Paris, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.

Samir DeCazza

Style and fashion run in the DeCazza family. The French-Moroccan actor, who was born to a fashion designer mother and tailor father, always knew how to single himself out of a crowd through ominous textile statements and loud sartorial accessories.

Otman Qrita

Founder of his own eponymous studio, the young Paris-based photographer has shot and creative directed campaigns for a number of renowned national, regional, and international brands including lifestyle label Maison Chateau Rouge, footwear brand Amina Muaddi, and South Africa’s Lukhanyo Mdingi, to name a few. Gaining serious notoriety over recent years, Otman is establishing his uniqueness to an extremely rich and talented pool of collaborators that are now showing the world their works through Otman’s camera lens.

Pictures courtesy from Jinane Ennasri & Clemence Maitre

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