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The Minimalist Outerwear Brand Co-Signed by Gigi Hadid

5 questions with LA-based designer Syrian Mariam Al Sibai

When temperatures drop, it gets even harder to pull off a good look. And that’s why choosing the right coat to bundle up in is so important. But it’s time to forget overcomplicated coats with garish embellishments, and say hello to simplicity.

A category 27-year-old LA-based British-Syrian designer Mariam Al Sibai understands more than most.

Her gently oversized coats are sensuously minimal and effortlessly sophisticated. Famed for her clean silhouettes, her signature ‘blanket’ coat has already been seen on a host of celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Priyanka Chopra, to name a few.

We caught up with Al Sibai to find out how she got in to outerwear and why timelessness is so important to her.

When did you decide to launch your own fashion label?
Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. I studied fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles which was super important for me as it gave me the education I needed in patternmaking draping and sewing, which allowed me to create the pieces I had envisioned.  My brand came about organically after graduation. I designed, cut and sewed until I felt a collection was forming and when it was ready, I worked with my sister Esme, who is now the brand’s art director and co-founder. Nothing was planned and recognition wasn’t assumed. I just made garments that I loved and shared it with the world on our online platform.

Your brand is born out of LA, but you grew up in London. How do both cities influence you as a designer?
Both cities have definitely had a huge impact on my work! LA is a city for dreamers, a place where your dream doesn’t seem too far fetched – especially if the hard work is put in. Being In LA has pushed me to take a risk and pursue what I love. London, my hometown, is a city that embodies high fashion and elegance, and growing up there you are constantly inspired by what is around you. My designs stem off of that, being daring and elegant, timeless yet current.

The very essence of fashion is rooted in trend dressing. Why is timelessness so important to you?
Timeless fashion is lasting fashion. Both economically and ecologically, these are important. We should invest in our garments the same way we would invest in anything else in our lives. It saves money to invest in one quality piece, rather than ten fast fashion pieces that you end up throwing away the following year just because it is “out of fashion” or “not on trend”.

Why coats?
I love outerwear. I find myself drawn towards designing outerwear; perhaps it’s because that is the way I choose to dress. I always say that I am my own customer, and worst critic to say the least! So when I design, I design for myself first!

What’s next for Mariam Al Sibai?
We are thrilled to be joining the Maison Pyramide family and will be at their showroom in Paris this coming February, showcasing our new AW19/20 collection, which is something we’re very excited about! We want to be in boutiques that portray our brand aesthetic as well as continue to grow organically, creating and designing outerwear that I love and truly believe in.

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