The Modernist Desert Retreat You Never Knew You Needed

Inside Sharjah’s new eco-hotel

Eco-tourism is on the rise in the UAE, and thanks to architecture studio Anarchitect, a new hotel and spa is leading the way: Al Faya Lodge, situated on the red sands of the Sharjah desert.

Located in the heart of the Mleiha desert, the luxury hotel is comprised of stone and steel buildings originally built in 1960s as a stop off for commuters between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Today, what once a medical clinic and a fuel station, has been transformed in to a boutique five-room hotel and restaurant.

A new building, earthy in its colour and blending seamlessly with the desert that surrounds it, was also added in the mix, housing a luxury spa and an open-air saltwater pool, making it the ultimate desert retreat.

“Guests can indulge in our bespoke services, personalised offerings and experiences that are carefully chosen to provide a memorable experience on a land that holds memories dating as far back as 130,000 years ago.” Said Simon Coombs, CEO and President of Shaza Hotels, Al Faya Lodge’s managing company.

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