The 7 Best Documentaries on Netflix

From murder mysteries to legendary singers and artists

Who doesn’t spend hours and hours scrolling down the Netflix homepage stressing about what to watch, and end up watching back-to-back episodes of Friends instead? When your brain needs feeding, the best place to head is to the world of documentaries.  

We all love Netflix for its huge array of series and movies, but what we all unanimously hate about Netflix is its overwhelming amount of choices. It’s a real dichotomy.

Here is MILLE’s selection of the Netflix’s best documentaries.

Banking On Bitcoin

Because we’re all still curious about this cryptocurrency, Banking On Bitcoin gives you a glimpse in to this new currency from several different perspectives, from the investors, bankers and inventors.

Forks Over Knives

If you are hesitating about whether or not to become vegan, Forks over Knives will help you take the plunge. Scientists and doctors focus on human experiences to show you how plant-based diets are in fact healthier than animal-based ones. The documentary will show you how it improved people’s health and how it even eradicated a few illnesses.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

A beautiful tribute to an icon with an exclusive footage of the singer. In this movie, a more intimate Simone talks melancholy and anecdotes. If you are a fan of hers, this will shook you in a very good way.

The Thin Blue Line

Get ready because The Thin Blue Line will give you shivers. An old-fashioned murder mystery set back in the 70’s with full witness testimonies and chilling statements. We won’t spoil it any further… give it a watch.


Iris Apfel takes you through her beautiful closet and tells a story from each piece, each dug out from her trips around the world. She is a fierce style hunter and has incredible fashion taste. The documentary talks style and the impact of Apfel in the fashion world. Truly mesmerizing.


This Sundance and Oscar-winning documentary, is the perfect combination of sports-doping and Russian espionage. The documentary investigates the involvement of the government and how athletes lost their credibility and careers. Icarus is scandalous and shocking for a Netflix and NO chill session.

Lo And Behold

This will satisfy every curious soul. From the internet’s birth to the evolution of technology, you will become immersed in a world that’s constantly changing with testimonies and narration from Elon Musk and many other famous entrepreneurs. The internet changed people’s lives and in Lo And Behold, you will learn why.

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