The Slow Factory’s First Exhibition Signals a New Beginning

“I Really Love This Song”

Be sure to mark your calendar for June 22—a revolution is underway, and it’s spearheaded by The Slow Factory. 

The non-profit organization is hosting their first digital art exhibition entitled ‘I Really Love This Song’ to celebrate “important voices amidst the ongoing revolution,” as they put it. 

The show is bringing together 20 artists who submitted works on the topics of climate, culture, education, and action, according to Dazed, the program’s media partner. The educational non-profit also teamed up with clean energy drink Runa to make it happen. 

Among the artists taking part of the show is Yemeni photographer Yumna Al Arashi, Egyptian rapper Felukah, and Papi Juice co-founder Mohammed Iman. Also joining is writer Mimi Zhu and model Haatepah Clearbear. 


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I Really Love This Song” is a conceptual project inspired by the ways in which some of the leading voices in climate and culture express their voices and work in the movement,” explained The Slow Factory in a statement. 

“Artists are at the core of every revolution and wield the powerful tools that not only unite us, but show us perseverance and resistance all while fanning the flames of change and revolution with their art.”

The featured works include everything from video and music to poetry and choreography. And as part of the show, once it goes live on June 22, anyone can submit their own works. 

“Art is an international language — “I Really Love This Song” is a celebration of the creative minds that since the beginning of time have helped and positioned our understanding of the world and the moment,” the statement read. 

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