The Spotify of Shopping is Here

And it’s a Bahrain-based venture

Yes, algorithms rule today’s world. But it’s not all that negative. Let’s be honest, Spotify’s playlists are too elite to tamper with. What better than your very own weekly playlist based on everything you’ve listened to throughout the year? Applying the same methodology to shopping, perhaps. 

That’s exactly what Bahraini entrepreneur Yara AlDhaen set out to do, and she made it happen. Introducing Sept: a fashion app that’ll curate your very own list of products. Because what’s more daunting than scrolling through hundreds of pages of pieces you’d never actually consider buying? 

After-all, we all have varying tastes—and not everyone has the funds to hire a personal stylist. The newly launched Bahrain-based app has come with a solution, leaving us wondering why it hasn’t existed until now. 

The premise of the app is simple, you log in and take a 30-second quiz, which helps the app study your interests—from your favourite brands to your favourite styles. You can even specify that sustainability is on your priority list; modesty too. 

“No more scrolls,” reads the app as soon as you download it. “Swipe right if you like something and we’ll figure out more of what you like” “Swipe left if you think something is blah and we won’t show you similar items” 

You’ll quickly be met with your very own personalised wardrobe.

I saw the need for a fashion platform that speaks to its consumers directly, offering them a chance to feel seen and heard. That’s what we’ve created with SEPT—an app that we want to be friends with,” said Yara.

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