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The Top Arab Photographers to Follow on Instagram in 2023

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When it comes to photography, the Arab world has a rich history of artists capturing the beauty of the region’s stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and diverse communities. Whether you’re into street photography, fashion shoots, or abstract art, there’s an Arab photographer out there who’s going to make you say “damn, that’s sick.”

Whether they’re using their art to tackle important issues like identity, gender, and politics, or simply to showcase the world through their eyes on a daily basis, in a world that can often be divided, their works bring people from all walks of life together and spark conversations of all kinds and nature after capturing moments that are often missed in the hustle and bustle of our routines. 

When paying close attention to their work, you’ll be quick to realize that it’s not just the natural beauty of the region that’s inspiring these creatives to step out. Through their art, they are giving voice to the people and places that make the Middle East and North Africa what it is, while also challenging stereotypes, birthing new aesthetics, and opening up new avenues of understanding. 

From the vibrant energy of Cairo to the stark beauty of the Sahara desert, they are the ones capturing the essence of the Middle East and beyond. As the saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words as a powerful picture can convey an entire story or a message that words may struggle to articulate. And today, we’re here to provide you with the ultimate list of photographers to check out.

Below, is our class of 2023 of best Arab photographers to keep on your radar and follow on Instagram immediately.

Ahmed Razeek


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Une publication partagée par ahmed razeek (@ahmedrazeek)

Based in France, but of Egyptian roots, 28-year-old Ahmed Razeek is steadily becoming “the connecting point between Cairo and Paris” and helping his native creative scene receive the same level of success it knows in the region, outside. Razeek’s photography, and creative direction, is both at the same time visually pleasing and efficient as he tends to take each talent out of their usual comfort zone to bring the best out of them. 

Ghalia Kriaa


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Une publication partagée par Ghalia Kriaa 📸 (@ghalia.kriaa)

Also based in France, but this time coming from a Tunisian background, Ghalia Kriaa gained recognition for the way she explores “different emotions, the beauty of simplicity, and the poetry of the human body.”  Also keen on making her roots shine beyond their geographic borders, the 25-year-old photographer can certainly has a lot to be proud of,  although, according to her, “the best is yet to come.” 

Eyes of Nasser


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Une publication partagée par @eyesofnasser

Hailing from Morocco, Nasser’s style can be described as one that plays with his surroundings to send stronger messages than expected. With each photograph being chockfull of symbolism and full with pop culture references, the young Agadir native wants to create commotion each time he posts, inviting followers and anyone coming across his work to ask themselves what narrative he is trying to convey. 

Noha Zayed


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Une publication partagée par Noha Zayed (@nohazayed)

Noha Zayed is what the internet would consider as the ultimate multihyphenate. As a photographer, designer, and creative director who taught herself everything she knows, the Cairo-born autodidact is heavily influenced by her interest in heritage, tradition, culture, identity, and how things change over time. To capture the essence of her native Egypt, she travels extensively around the country, documenting forgotten and changing landscapes, architecture, art forms, and people.

Otman Qrita


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Une publication partagée par Otman Q (@otmanqrita)

Slowly establishing his name as one  to follow, Otman Qrita’s aesthetic can be described as intimate, centered on human emotion yet also at times abstract. Having worked with some of the industry’s most respected names behind the scenes and some of the world’s most popular figures in front of his lens, Qrita is a promising player in the game right now, and given the pace at which things are going for him, don’t expect us to be surprised when he seals the deal and becomes the next it-photographer. 

Malak El Sawi


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Une publication partagée par Malak El Sawi (@malakelsawi)

When coming across the self described “femmebot’s” Instagram account, we were quick to notice how keen she is to spotlight the talents that surround her as well as scenes from her daily life. Based in Cairo, her unique use of analogue photography makes life in 2023 jump back to 1983, already giving us, and subjects of her photography, an early sense of nostalgia. Comfortable with editorials just as much as she is with snapshots of what she comes across every day, Malak’s defying approach to photography is what singles her out and earned her a spot on our list today. 

Beldi Details


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Une publication partagée par Chater Karim (@beldidetails)

If we’re being honest, Karim Chater is usually more recognized for his work in front of the camera rather than behind. His main account, that has reached well over 180,000 followers, was quick to gain recognition, seducing fans with his “baladi chic style” and retro aesthetic. Now, the digital influencer is trying himself out behind cameras, and we are adamant that his newest venture will be just as successful as the one that made his initial fame. 


Main picture courtesy from Ahmed Razeek (@ahmedrazeek)

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