The Top Three NTS Radio Shows From the Region to Tune Into

Expand your musical knowledge

Music is one of the major forms of modern art that most people consume every day. While it’s one thing to passively listen, it’s another to set aside other stimuli to actively focus and engage with the music and ask ourselves, where do all these sounds and noises come from? This is where NTS comes in. The global music platform was launched in 2011 in Hackney, London by founder of Boiler Room, Femi Adeyemi, who brought NTS (an abbreviation of “Nuts to Soup,” a nod to the name of a past blog run by Adeyemi) to life providing all music lovers with an endless range of musical goodness— from everything to anything, you name it, and you will probably find it on NTS. Broadcasting music from across 50 different cities around the world globally 24/7, the round-the-clock platform, which began as a passion project over a decade ago, is now redefining the concept of the traditional radio, with a constant stream of live shows, events, and undiscovered musical gems that you’ve likely never heard before, changing the way people listen and engage with other artists and sounds. 

Below, our top three NTS radio shows you should tune into this month if you want to expand your musical horizons and dig into virtual crates that mix sounds from all over the region. 

Beirut Daze with Ernesto Chahoud

For anyone wanting to expand their musical knowledge, Ernesto Chahoud is probably the best place to start. Chahoud is a Lebanese DJ infamously known for his encyclopedic music knowledge. His monthly show showcases an expansive range of sounds from all around the world, but specifically the MENA region– from Omar Khorshid and Ethiopian jazz, to psychedelic rock and contemporary classical records. Chahoud has dug into every crate and is generous enough to share with us some hidden gems that get little to no recognition. 



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Khartoum Arrivals with Basma

For hundreds of years Sudan has been an important crossroads between African and Arabic cultures– with a rich history of musical expression. Khartoum Arrivals with Basma is a glimpse into the distinct sounds coming from all over Sudan from Halfa, Kassala, Blue Nile, Darfur, and Khartoum. Her peaceful voice will take you through archives of Sudanese folk and pop music, and the stories behind the distinct instruments, rhythms, and lyrics. 


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Palestinian Sound Archive: Majazz Project 

Majazz Project is an archive, research journal, and record label solely aimed at bringing Palestinian sounds to the light. As Mo’min Swaitat (the brains behind the project), walks into an old music shop in his hometown Jenin, he comes across thousands of cassettes which contain decades of Palestinian music and field recordings that were once confiscated by the Israeli army. What was once forgotten, was brought to life by Mo’min himself. Tune in as Swaitat takes you through his personal collection of vintage cassettes from Palestine and beyond– whether its jazz, funk, or Bedoin field recordings, you’re in for a treat.


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