The UAE Just Celebrated Its First Metaverse Wedding

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Keeping on its mission of innovation, the UAE recently hosted its first metaverse wedding with a French-Paraguayan couple tying the knot on the digital platform. Unarguably one of the biggest stories of last year, much has been written about the metaverse, although not much is known about it. 

Speaking at length, the metaverse, often dubbed as the future of the internet, can be described as an alternative online world where users can create, buy and sell goods and services through a cyber version of themselves. People can also accomplish daily tasks and celebrate life-marking moments. And that’s exactly what these newlyweds have done. 


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Florian Ughetto and Liz Nunez both made history by being the first couple in the UAE to get married online earlier this week. Held on Decentraland, a 3D virtual browser-based platform, the solemn event, which was attended by close family and friends, was reportedly followed by a metaverse afterparty where attendees partied for hours.

Dressed in gowns and suits purchased on OpenSea, the idea proved to be quite convenient when the couple started facing organisation and scheduling issues. 

“I am from France and my wife is Paraguayan,” said Florian Ughetto.

“We dreamt of flying inour family and friends from France and Paraguay to Dubai to attend our wedding. However, Covid and legal hurdles played spoilsport. That is when we decided to take things to the metaverse,” the groom continued. 

Well inspired by their own cyber experience, the couple wish to democratise virtual weddings by offering the service to couples around the world as they are now the proud founders of their own matrimonial business specialised in digital weddings.

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