The UAE to Stop Censoring Adult Content in Films

Things are changing.

Only weeks after the UAE decided to amend its laws regarding premarital relationships and pregnancies, the nation is making even more changes as they have just revealed new decrees regarding explicit content on screen.

Announced this December 19, the Gulf state revealed that it will no longer edit or censor what was deemed as inappropriate scenes in films as they will be introducing an unprecedented new age restriction. Starting from now, films distributed in cinemas won’t be going through any alterations from their original versions and will instead require theatres to strictly impose a novel +21 restriction on customers wanting to watch certain displayed movies. 

The phenomenon of censor is unfortunately no stranger to the region as acts of intimacy between two characters were systematically removed as considered as immoral. Sometimes leading to major plot holes, these dents in scripts will no longer be an issue for a large proportion of viewers given that they provide proof of identification upon purchase of tickets. 

Now able to enjoy movies as intended to be seen, this new classification will surely attract more visitors to the UAE’s leisure resorts and overall entertainment commodities. 

People took it to their keyboards to express their mixed feelings about the matter. As some were confused, others warmly welcomed this new decision while many others refuted it.


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