The Ultimate Playlist To Listen to Next Time You’re Doing Post-Iftar Dishes

it’s getting tough out here

To those fasting this month: congratulations, it’s officially been a week since Ramadan has begun and we’re proud of you for making it this far. Those observing the holy month have probably noticed by now that the initial excitement has already reached its peak. The novelty of the holy month is, unfortunately, wearing off, and we are now feeling the fatigue and strain of fasting and managing our daily routines to the best of our capabilities while also trying to stay focused on our spiritual practices — which is getting tougher by the day.

In practice, this feeling translates to some of us  reheating meals and having leftovers for iftar, enjoying less nutritious suhoors that now reek of exhaustion, while dealing with dishes has turned back into the boring chore it’s always been rather than the ceremonial ending of an endearing moment spent and shared with family and close friends. 

Despite these challenges, we continue to persevere and find meaning in this special time, knowing that our efforts are ultimately for the sake of our own good, growth, and development as humans beings. 

As the road towards Eid is still long (three weeks), we’ve curated a halal-friendly playlist to enjoy when our nights draw towards their end and need a little soothing before starting from scratch the following morning.

Below, the ultimate playlist to listen to the next time you’re doing post-iftar dishes. 

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