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There’s A New FIFA Coming– But It Might Be A Little Different

wait what?

In an unexpected turn of events, iconic e-sport series FIFA is reported to make its much-anticipated comeback. Per circulating news, the international footballing body is said to have reached an agreement with American video game publisher 2K to develop the next installments of the famed franchise.

While the deal is yet to be confirmed by either party, rumors have strongly been suggesting that FIFA will be one of 2K’s latest additions to their already impressive roster of games, joining the likes of NBA 2K, Top Spin 2K, WWE 2K, and Lego 2K Drive, to name just a few. With this anticipated new acquisition, 2K would be taking the lead in the realm of digital sports simulation by positioning itself as a true powerhouse in the industry.

Lauded for their game simulation capabilities on consoles, this move is poised to open a new chapter in the world of gaming and also put a definitive end to several important rivalries in the industry. Historically, 2K has always had the upper hand of hoops, but should this collaboration come to fruition, the California-based company could extend its dominance from basketball and tennis into one of the most lucrative segments of e-sports, namely football.

For the past three decades, it was Electronic Arts (EA)– another American video-game company– which developed the iconic FIFA series. However, in 2022, the longstanding partnership hit a wall as FIFA and EA failed to reach an agreement over new financial terms. According to insider reports, EA staunchly opposed FIFA’s proposed licensing terms, citing them as overly restrictive. Additionally, EA allegedly rebuffed FIFA’s demand to double their licensing fee to $1 billion, deeming it exorbitantly high compared to industry standards and previous arrangements between them.

Following the split, which was once considered impossible, EA took a bold step by continuing to develop the game, only rebranding its title as EA FC. Meanwhile, FIFA released a slew of mobile and online iterations of the series, which quite frankly have struggled to meet the high expectations of fans. Determined to reclaim their former mantle, should the speculated deal with 2K happen, this far-fetched ambition could become a tangible reality soon.

With no further information on the timing or likelihood of the speculated agreement, gamers are left in suspense, eagerly awaiting the chance to dive back into the game that shaped their childhood and that continues to hold a special place in their hearts.

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