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These Social Media Posts Could Land You in UAE Jail

A breakdown of what you can and can’t post

Social Media

If you’ve lived in the UAE for a while, you’re probably already aware of the nation’s laws surrounding social media. This week, the nation’s police force tightened things up further. As of now, certain social media posts are punishable by law, and could land you in prison or fined up to 1 million AED. 

Over the weekend, Dubai Police took to their social media platforms to break it all down. According to a newly passed law (Article 35 of the Cyber Crime Law), posts that offend religion, violate privacy, or discriminate can get you in trouble. 

Here’s a breakdown of punishable offences when it comes to religion: 

  • Offending any of the Islamic sanctities or rituals. 
  • Offending any of the sanctities or rituals in other religions 
  • Insulting any recognized monotheistic religion 
  • Encouraging, inciting or promoting sins 

In addition, posts deemed offensive to God, the prophets, or messengers of Islam are punishable by a seven-year jail sentence.

Those who are found infringing on other’s right’s and privacy will also face prosecution. “It is not permissible to infringe on other’s rights and breach their privacy or disclose their secrets under any pretext,” announced Dubai Police. 

“Let us embrace a high ethical sense of responsibility toward digital content and be committed to publicizing everything that can contribute to promoting social harmony.”

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