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Mugler Black and White

A Look into Mugler’s Most Iconic Looks

Rest in Peace

Mugler Black and White

After losing Virgil Abloh in November, the world of fashion is mourning another loss mere months later. French designer Thierry Mugler sadly passed away from natural causes this January 23.

Never in short supply of inspiration or courage when it comes to breaking norms, the Strasbourg-born creative is internationally recognised for his overly structured corsets, exaggerated shoulders as well as the extreme shapes and silhouettes on his pieces. 

Turning each one of his muses into powerful figures ready to impress, the former ballet dancer has managed to gracefully define the late 20th century, owing to his gifted sense of style and empowering vision that crossed through clothing, costume and beyond.

Very active up until his last days, Thierry was regularly commissioned by some of the world’s biggest celebrities to produce and craft some jaw-dropping compositions only he knows the secret to. Now gone but never to be forgotten, we’ve gathered some of Mugler’s most iconic looks throughout his career to pay homage to the one that was more than just a simple trendsetter. 

Fall/Winter 1995

Thierry Mugler Golden Robot

Seemingly plucked straight out of a Sci-Fi film, the robotic golden dress is one he introduced for his 20th-anniversary party at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris. 

Fall/Winter 1984 

Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1984

Soaked in religious connotations, the white silky gown comes with a halo that is very reminiscent of Mary and other holy figures. 

Autumn/Winter 1997

Thierry Mugler 1997 A/W

When we say that Mugler is a creator, we mean it. This look was presented a little over 20 years ago and still stuns to this day. 

Spring/Summer 1990

Thierry Mugler Offshore Corset

Baptised “the Offshore corset”, Mugler plays with our perception as he uses many elements we’d not usually be used to seeing being worn. Made of metal, the piece bears many navigating elements such as compasses, coordinates and car-shaped glass. 

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