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the Burj Club

5 Things to Do if You’re Not Leaving Dubai This Eid

Your weekend plans, sorted.

the Burj Club

With its scorching hot temperatures and insane humidity, everyone knows that summer in Dubai is for the most part, totally unbearable. But summer holidays aren’t always an option, especially during Eid when family obligations come into play.

So, if you’re staying in the gulf capital this Eid weekend, we’ve rounded up five things for you to do.

Slip in a quick tanning session at the Burj Club
the Burj Club
Is there any better way to escape Dubai’s summer heat than spending it lounging at one of the city’s most exclusive addresses? The rooftop at the Burj is the perfect spot to slip in some alone time between family gatherings.

Indulge in a Disney movie marathon at the Dubai Opera
the Dubai Opera
Relive your childhood with your favourite Disney films this Eid weekend. The Dubai Opera is showing almost 50 Disney classics, from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast.

Grab a bite at Ravi’s
Named after the river flowing in both India and Pakistan, Ravi’s is legendary. In its 39 years of existence, the restaurant attracted a cult following. And rightfully so, their mouth-watering tikkas and biryanis are irritable—and their recipes haven’t changed since they opened their doors in 1978.

Catch the Eid fireworks in Yas Marina
If there’s anything the UAE is known for, it’s its massive firework displays—and Eid is no exception.

Get your feline fix at Cinema Akil
Cinema Akil
If you’ve ever found yourself sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole of cat videos, you’ll be happy to hear that from the 9th to 10th of August, Cinema Akil is offering nine film screenings, all about your favourite felines.

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