10 Things We All Secretly Do On Instagram

It’s okay, everyone stalks everyone

It’s no secret that Instagram is a huge aspect of our day-to-day lives. We all like to post photos of ourselves—or if you’re not vain like the rest of us, you probably post ultra zoomed in pics of your friends, cool architecture, or whatever fits your perfectly curated digital #aesthetic.


But beyond projecting our seemingly fun, carefree public personas to the world – we also use the social media platform for a variety of things that I’m pretty sure no-one will admit to (at least not publically anyway).  


Perhaps you like to indulge in some light stalking every once in a while, or maybe you want to maintain some kind of cool-factor so you like to keep the number of people you follow pretty low (it just makes you look like a pretentious asshole, btw).


In any case, you’re probably not alone. After all, as a wise friend once told me: “what is most personal is most universal”. So, here’s a list of things we probably all do but would never admit to.



–  Precision scroll through your ex boo or current crush’s profiles.


–  Log in to your uber-secret finsta (fake insta) account to comfortably stalk profiles and stories.


–  Wait until peak Instagram hour to post your selfie (mine is anywhere between 12-1pm Central European Time)


–  Accept defeat and casually archive a photo that didn’t take off as much as you thought it would.


–  Guiltily unfollow one of your day-one followers because their life is no longer interesting


–  Pay extra attention to your following-to-followers ratio so it remains “balanced”.


–  Not follow certain people but still regularly check their profiles… then feel some type of way when they make it private.


–  Bravely send a meme to your crush (or if you’re extra ballsy, publicly tag them) as your latest attempt at digital flirting.


–  Pretend you’re really into art but actually your feed is visually lacking so you post a painting or go to a gallery to step your content game up.


–  Drop a thirstrap to make your ex man/woman jealous.

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