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This AI Will Can Turn Any Topic Into a Drake Hit in a Matter of Seconds

“ChatGPT, can you do something for meeee”

If there’s one topic that’s been on everyone’s mind since the beginning of the new year, it’s going to have to be AI. In the past handful of weeks, platforms like ChatGPT, and ensuing iterations, witnessed their birth and meteoric rise, quickly growing in popularity after netizens took the time to dig out their full potential that is still far from being reached. 

Accessible to all (for now), these online platforms are taking search engines and online assistance to a whole new level, having coded a language-processing tool that can exchange with you while also helping you with everyday duties and job-related tasks such as composing emails, planning a party, debugging a complex html code, and more. In fact, Buzzfeed recently “hired” an artificial intelligence produced by ChatGPT parent company Open AI to write all of the website’s quizzes.

Imagine Google, but way more interactive, reliable, and accurate. Now, they’re taking the internet by storm as interest in these tools continues to grow. For instance, ChatGPT, arguably a victim of its own success, went live on Nov. 30, 2022, and already began to face system issues after recording well over a million users over the course of five days. These crashes and long delays have since been addressed although still recurrent as a result of the snowball effect caused by the widescale media coverage that it is currently still receiving. 

When we take a look at the bigger picture, these services follow the increasingly prominent trend of investing into artificial intelligence and democratizing knowledge about them in order for all segments of society to be able to take advantage of what may be and has been labeled as the digital revolution of the century. Some of the driving forces of this new technology obviously include Tesla, Google, and Apple, which have, in the past five to 10 years, made it their mission to uncover all the secrets of these tools and incorporate them into their own range of products. So far, the boldest additions have been made by Tesla by notably providing drivers of some of their car models with an autopilot feature.

Although life-changing, and sometimes even saving, some of the software engineers behind these bots also put their disruptive yet ingenious science for other, let’s say, less serious or compelling purposes. And there’s one website in particular that’s caught our attention recently and it’s called Drayk.IT

The parody software basically enables users to pick a subject of their preference, and its AI generates a rap song in the style of Drake’s biggest hits, mimicking his lingo, flow, and cadence on top of a 6 God-esque beat. Lasting up to a minute, the website also offers random topics for the generator to use by clicking on a dice icon, making the fun infinite — or at least until Drake decides to pull the plug. 

The potential impact of an AI on an artist’s career could turn out to be quite damaging. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to foreshadow a dystopian future where Drake may ask for the platform to be shut down, as the technology continues to improve by the day and there’s a growing risk of the bot potentially surpassing and even replacing the artist on the charts as no one could be able to tell the difference between the two. In the meantime, we can still enjoy imagining fake diss tracks, chart-topping hits, and culture-defining songs from arguably the biggest rapper of our generation. 

Since its launch, Drayk.IT has sparked numerous debates online, giving birth to some hilarious Tweets where users hail the AI’s productions as better than Drake’s. Here are some of our favorite takes on it so far: 

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