Tiger King

Tiger King is the Style Icon We Didn’t Know We Needed

Joe Exotic drip.

Tiger King

Tiger King stepped into Netflix and killed the game in less than a week. 

The series’ recipe is simple: it has an element of just about everything under the sun. If you still haven’t watched it—consider this an official spoiler warning. 

How can anyone deny the intrigue of a gay polygamist that lures his husbands in with meth whilst running a zoo, embezzling money for a failed political campaign and ultimately hiring a hitman to murder his arch nemesis… who allegedly fed her late husband to tigers? That’s right. You can’t.

If you still haven’t joined the rest of the world by binging on Tiger King in the last week then needless to say – you’re missing out. If the above still hasn’t convinced you to dive into the docu-series head first, perhaps its main character’s style will. Somehow, amongst all the twists and turns, the main character has now emerged as an unsuspecting style icon. 

Joe Exotic, as he’s known, was catapulted from complete obscurity into becoming fashion’s illicit hero—with a bleach-blonde mullet and an array of blouses that rival Gucci’s signature printed pieces. 

Joe Exotic’s looks are hard to ignore. To celebrate them, we’ve rounded up our favourite Tiger King outfits. 



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