Tiktok Surpasses Google as the World’s Most Visited Site

It’s true.

Just three years ago, ‘tik tok’ was merely the sound clocks made. Today, the  Chinese-made app is where we spend hours mindlessly scrolling. Tiktok taken over our lives. Literally. As it turns out, the app is now the world’s most visited site. Yes, more than google.

According to a recent data report led by Cloudflare, the young video-sharing platform has taken over Google group’s throne which includes Maps, Translate, Photos, Flights, Books and News amongst others. Founded in 2016, the app has turned into everyone’s go-to whether you can be looking for sketchy conspiracies, smart life-hacks, beauty tutorials or just a corner of the internet to wander through peacefully.  Let’s face it, who hasn’t got lost on Tiktok before realising that it has been hours that you’ve been flicking through all sorts of skits.

Definitely a newcomer in the arena, the site that is known as Douyin in China has come on top of some more than well-established names in the field such as YouTube, Netflix or even Facebook. Topping the list this year, it is becoming increasingly clear that Tiktok won’t be going anywhere and is here to stay. More than just a game-changer, the consecutive series of lockdowns surely have something to do with this sudden lead. But is it really a bad thing?

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