Tiktok’s Newest Beauty Hack is a Must-Try

Another brushstroke to master

From short comedy skits to pranks and smart hacks, Tiktok rapidly rose to mainstream notoriety in the space of a few years only. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Whatever goes viral on the Chinese social app quickly becomes a global hit. That usually translates itself through an increase in clicks, sales and following. The last one in date? A rainbow contour technique that is flooding everyone’s FYPs.

Popularised by @rikkisandhu and @serenalakkiss, the beauty influencers racked up some serious views online with their trick. Combined, the videos garnered over 1.5M watches with thousands of comments shared between the two posts. If some might not feel up for the task without some help, worry less, we’re here to break it down for you. 

@rikkisandhuuby far one of the BEST contouring and highlighting techniques I have everrrr used!! #beautyhacks #makeuptips #contouring101 #foryou♬ original sound – ꧁ ꧂

Begin by drawing stripes of blush, concealer and contour under your eyes and over your brows. Different shades preferably. To stick to the lecture, start with cream, pastel pink and brown. Another rainbow ark on your forehead then dab some dashes with the same colour tone over your chin. Spray some settling product and then blend to reach a dashingly bright and lush look. Perfect to light your skin up in these not-so-warm times, Kim K’s signature contours might have found themselves some competition. 


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