It’s Time for Us to Seriously Reconsider How We’re Dealing with Global Warming

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It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine. But whose world is this? 

Yes, it is yours, but it should really be considered as globally ours. At this rate, deadly wildfires and skyrocketing temperatures are the new norm, beating new records year after year, and it’s something we need to collectively face. 

The UN’s latest climate report is quite alarming to say the least. Natural resources are depleting and human activity has caused some irreversible damage that is putting “billions of people at immediate risk” as the report reads. 

And arguably, did we even need a report when switching the TV on or (for the less lucky) a look out the window, is enough to be a first-hand witness of the heartbreaking and anxiety triggering effects of global warming? It’s all particularly concerning for the region, which hosts some of the driest and hottest climates on earth.

More recently, Algeria has been the victim of its forest fires in the southern region of Kabylie. Scourging through land and blazing through houses like a box of matches, the burning heat has wiped at least 65 victims out on its way and is seemingly not ready to end itself there. The republic, which is already under immense pressure and pain due to the insufficient needs to fiercely fight against the uncountable number of variants of COVID-19, is again suffocating from another untamable cloud – this time owing to the fire’s spark and subsequent smoke.

To help Algeria, here is a donation link that can help you do your bit in assisting the country through one of the worst crises it has witnessed in recent years:

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