Tomorrowland Festival is Heading to Dubai



Tomorrowland has a track record of organising one of the sonic industry’s most neurotic events gathering thousands of party-goers, and world-renowned artists, each year without exception. First lauched in in Boom, Flanders, Belgium, the famed festival will be heading towards to the Gulf as organisers have excited fans by announcing their first pit stop in the Middle East 


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Set to kick off in Dubai in September, Terra Solis is Tomorrowland’s latest brainchild. It’ll be a pop-up event that will run for approximately 10 months until June 2023. Host to some high-end accommodation, festive music, mouth-watering food, and a slew of cracking events, the new party-destination will be bringing a beast-like mood to the emirates all year round. 

“Terra Solis is a one-of-a- kind desert destination away from all the noise. It is inspired by the magic of Tomorrowland and the most beautiful star constellations, where you can wake up from a night under the stars and live to the rhythm of the sun. Guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a memorable world of wonder with the finest music, a vibrant yet relaxing pool scene, incredible tastes and aromas and a unique glamping experience in the Arabian dunes while relaxing in style under the Dubai sun,” said Nicolas Vandenabeele, Founder and CEO of Terra Solis in statement. 

Spread over 371,000 square meters, Terra Solis will bring amazing music acts, a lively party environment, and an incredible food and beverage selection in a one-of-a kind venue where guests will be invited to explore the dazzling desert’s vistas that surround Terra Solis.


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