Gucci Mémoire Odeur campaign

5 Fragrances That Smell Like Summer in a Bottle

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Gucci Mémoire Odeur campaign

With humidity climbing up, you might be feeling as muggy as the summer sun. Luckily, a pick-me-up is only a spray away. Since the ancient Egyptian period when perfumed wax would drip through hair, fragrance has been an impregnable armour against the sun’s sultry rays. 

Leaving you feeling refreshed and energised, smelling good is not only attractive to other people but to yourself, giving an extra confidence boost to get you through the heat. With hundreds of perfumes to choose from, MILLE rounds up our favourite new-releases to help you pick up those pheromones. 

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum
Gucci Mémoire Odeur

Released just two days ago, this perfume’s reputation has already exceeded itself with Alessandro Michele’s Harry Styles-led campaign. Memory inspires the new fragrance, which makes sense with smell being memory’s primary olfactory. The scent is designed for men and women, with notes of Roman chamomile blending with Indian Coral Jasmine petals, sandalwood and cedar-wood. At an extremely reasonable price, this is definitely set to be one of the most sought-after perfumes this summer. 

USD 56 / AED 208

Frederic Malle The Moon Eau de Parfum
The Moon de Frederic Malle parfum

A new release from one of the world’s most revered perfumers, Frederic Malle’s new unisex fragrance is at the highest-end of perfume luxury. This new perfume is Middle Eastern inspired — in large created by Julien Rasquinet, who is an authority in the perfume world on the oud scent. He attempts to mimic the celestial glow of the moon, with rich notes blended with opulent Turkish rose. If within your budget, this fragrance is unparalleled. 

USD 524 / AED 1926

Bvlgari Le Gemme Coralia Eau de Parfum
Le Gemme Eau de Parfum Bvlgari

This aquatic-inspired perfume is an ode to a specific type of red Mediterranean coral that can be found in the caves of Sardinia. The perfume emulates its exact ethereal scent, using top notes of pink pepper, and middle natural notes of delicate osmanthus and orris. 

USD 250 / AED 921

Amouage Overture Man Eau de Parfum
Overture Man de Amouage

With notes of cognac, myrrh and sandalwood, this new elegant and gentlemanly scent is a favourite amongst male perfumers. Exclusively available in-store or in Harrods, the sophistication of the perfume is almost as refined as the scent itself.

USD 272 / AED 1002

Floraiku The Mountain Standing Still Eau de Parfum
Floraiku The Mountain Standing Still Eau de Parfum

A new addition to the haute perfumer’s spices collection, this new release exudes strong scents of saffron, black tea, and oud accord. The perfume also comes in a beautiful Bento-style box, perfect for slipping elegantly into your handbag. 

USD 272 / AED 10002

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