picks ramadan

Your Top Iftar Picks in the Region

The fasting and the furious

picks ramadan

The month of Ramadan is here. If you’re anything like us, you’re already thinking about cool places to have iftar. Somewhere to eat and to facilitate catch ups with friends and family, because that’s what the holy month is all about right?

So with no further ado, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest places for you to go. 

Meraki, Riyadh



It seems a little bit odd to start off the list of iftar spots with a Greek restaurant. But trust us on this, you will not be disappointed. Everything from the decor to the menu will delight your senses. 

Meraki itself made its mark in Riyadh recently after branching out from London. The restaurant has a reputation in the English capital for being the best Greek in town, and in Riyadh it’s no different.

They offer an iftar meal including starters, hot mezze, a choice of main course, and dessert options for SAR250 per person. 

Al Bahou, The Grand Atrium, Jeddah 

The Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel Dubai is a beautiful location, naturally so, it’s worth every one of its five stars.

Al Bahou offers a wide variety of Arab delicacies, oud music, and the ideal blend of savory and sweet alternatives. It’s a perfect place for a sitdown meal with larger groups, coworkers, extended family & friends.

Perfect for those of us who want to enjoy a lavish iftar, and why not, treat yourself a little and do it in style at Al Bahou.

Osh, Dubai 



This beautiful Uzbeki restaurant offers delicious iftar and suhoor options. Its gorgeous interior is also worth a mention. For the food, service and setting it’s also very relatively priced.

The meal naturally starts with dates and lentil soup, then goes on to cold mezze like baba ganoush, hummus, Olivier salad, marinated olives, and watermelon salad. 

Main courses include chicken cutlets and lamb kofta, which are served with french fries. And for the more adventurous Ramadan diners there’s Achichuk salad, or tandoori bread. Desserts include baklava and a fruit tray. Please also try their Aamar Al Din, it’s delicious. 

Mounai, Cairo 




Newly opened restaurant Munai promises to also deliver this Ramadan. It’s set to be a gorgeous authentic Lebanese Mediterranean experience. Interiors are vibrant and interesting, the seating plan facilitates both large groups and small families. 

Extremely professional, fast service, a delight for the tastebuds and for the eyes. This is an absolute must try for all Cairenes and anyone visiting Om El Donya this Ramadan.

Baron, Beirut



Baron is a vibrant, friendly neighborhood restaurant in Beirut’s popular Mar Mikael quarter with a reputation for outstanding cuisine. The popular dinner spot is well-loved by locals, even if it is a little heavier on your wallet.

They serve up a sophisticated cuisine mixing a range of flavors. Each plate is meant to share so get prepared for group servings rather than smaller individual plates, which again plays back to the homely vibe we get from the restaurant. 

Fondok Al Attarine, Tunis




The hotel itself is one of the oldest in Tunis, it’s picturesque and the food is to die for, just ask any Tunisian. This is the place in Tunis to have iftar. Be prepared for authentic local dishes with a mediterranean twist, there’s something for everybody.

This restaurant offers great architecture, delicious food and a convivial location. Perfect for Ifterer’s and curious travelers.

Dar Hamad, Kuwait

Over recent years, almost the entirety of Kuwait City was on complete lock down as a result of COVID. After a two year gap, the Kuwaiti government will allow communal eating again for iftar and suhoor. 



Last time we were in Kuwait, we had iftar at Dar Hamad in Salmiya. They had an amazing buffet, with an interior to match. This attractive restaurant is a must try, have iftar the Kuwait way, and believe us, it’s worth every fils. 

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