9 Traditional Ramadan Recipes to Try Out

A taste of iftar across the region


If you’re fasting, it’s practically impossible to hide your excitement for iftar. It’s undoubtedly the highlight of every day in the holy month, and for reasons beyond going a day without a bite of food nor a drop of water. 

For one, iftar is not your average everyday dinner. It’s packed with every delicious dish you can possibly be craving.

You know the drill. A few sides to break the fast, often stuffed dates (with butter, halva, mixed nuts…) and a cool glass of bsissa, milk or qamar al din. Next up are mouth-watering classics from hot soups in the Maghreb to rice-based rich dishes in the Levant. These might be the staples, but no recipe is ever off the table during Ramadan

And no better way to celebrate the holy month than trying something new. So, if you want to have a taste of iftar from across the region, these are the classic Ramadan dishes that never leave the dinner table.

Harees – UAE

Harira – Morocco 

Mahshi – Egypt/Palestine

Mansaf – Jordan

Brik – Tunisia


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Zalabia – Algeria


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Knafeh – Syria

Warak Enab – Lebanon 

Qatayef – Levant


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