Travis Scott Cancels Saudi Arabia Concert

It’s really not going well for the Texas-born isn’t it ?

When it comes to festivals, Travis Scott’s Astroworld has grown to become a go-to over the years. After a two year hiatus, the music fest returned this past weekend to Houston, Texas– only to come to an unfortunate outcome, to say the least.

What was supposed to be one of the events of the year claimed the lives of eight young party-goers while injuring over 300. The tragedy didn’t end there. Many have also reported that partygoers as well as security staff, were spiked and pricked with syringes, which only adds to the already long list of calamities that unfolded that night. 

It is now reported that following the daunting event, the rapper has had to cancel his next upcoming shows and that is including his $5.5M “one-off” gig that was scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia on November 19.

Losing out on an array of opportunities following the deadly event, the “sicko-mode” rapper is still expected to play a set at Coachella 2022 although, given the circumstances, nothing is set in stone. Make sure to follow us for more updates regarding the matter. 

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