Heal project announced Travis Scott

Months After ‘AstroWorld’ Tragedy, Travis Scott Launches “HEAL” Project

A project that’s set to make concerts more safe

Heal project announced Travis Scott

This week, “Sicko Mode” rapper Travis Scott addressed the Astroworld disaster months after the incident initially took place. Back in November of last year, the annual musical gathering saw many festival-goers lose their lives as a result of asphyxiation caused by several breaches in security and safety protocols. The artist was also pointed at for allegedly dismissing the many cries for help all throughout the Houston-based concert.

After taking time out to grieve and reflect, Scott just recently announced the launch of the “HEAL” initiative: a project that aims to support and assist those in need. Through a gallery of pictures posted on his own Instagram, the rapper reached out to his 44 million followers to shed light on his latest philanthropic venture and investment. 


“Project HEAL is a multi-tier initiative dedicated to addressing challenges facing today’s youth, especially those from marginalised and at-risk communities.” 

In practice, the program will help make concert halls and music spaces safer for attendees while also tackling a wide variety of youth-centered issues. Through four independent initiatives, HEAL will include the establishment of a scholarship fund, the expansion of the CACT.US Youth Design Center while offering mental health resources to his audience and organizing conferences on solutions for event safety. 

Allocating funds from his own personal wealth, the rapper’s efforts are some to surely praise but only time will tell if they’ll be enough to make up for the damage caused. 

Head over to heal-project.org to learn more about the initiative.

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