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La Badira Spa

5 of Tunisia’s Most Luxurious Hammams

The spas you need to visit

La Badira Spa

When you live in North Africa, the hammam becomes an integral part of your routine. Whether it’s Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia, your options are endless, and picking the right spa to cater to your hammam needs can sometimes be a daunting task. 

Some are quite small, some are too large and cold, and others describe themselves as hammams, but aren’t traditional in any sense of the word. 

So, whether you live in Tunisia, or you’re in town on vacation, these are the best spas in Tunisia if you’re looking for a mix of tradition and luxury

Dar el Jeld

دار الجلد

If you’re looking for a little getaway in the heart of Tunis’s Medina, Dar el Jeld is the place to go. And if you’re looking for Tunis’s best hammam –  Dar el Jeld is definitely it. The spa is traditionally Tunisian, with a modern twist. Larger than your average hammam, Dar El Jeld’s spa is where you’ll find comfort. The hammam is split into four different sections (a hot steam room, an exfoliation room, a massage room and a shower room). The massage room, which uses all natural Tunisian oils, is the perfect place to end your hammam experience.

La Villa Bleue


Situated in the quiet blue and white village of Sidi Bou Said, La Villa Bleue is an experience of its own. The hammam is small, but heavenly, offering a traditional ritual using Tunisian-sourced mineral clays, along with an all-body exfoliation session using a traditional glove that is known as a kessa. Afterwards, be sure to head up to the rooftop to enjoy a tea overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Four Seasons Spa


Few spas in Tunis compare to that of the Four Seasons. You’ll start your Hammam ritual with a swim in the spa’s lap pool, and then indulge in the full hammam ritual that’s inspired by ancient Carthaginian techniques.

Dar El Marsa


Despite being situated in the midst of La Marsa’s busiest street, a step into Dar El Marsa’s hammam and you’ll forget the hustle and bustle that stands before it. You can tailor-make your experience to your liking and choose between a traditional Hammam and scrub, or elevate the experience with the use of various sea salts, henna or algae.

La Badira


Hammamet might be known for its parties, but thanks to La Badira’s spa, it might soon be known as the ultimate relaxation spot. Situated in the Yasmine neighbourhood, the hotel’s spa is unlike any other in the area. It’s where you can opt for a traditional hammam experience and follow it up by a dip in the outdoor pool overlooking the sea.

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