Tunisian Artist El Seed’s Collaborates with MAC Cosmetics

A first look at the collection

MAC Cosmetics is one of the first brands to kick-off celebrity collaborations, and for their latest, the makeup giant just took a major step towards the region by tapping Tunisian artist El Seed for a new limited-edition collection.

The collection—which has been three-years-in-the-making— is finally seeing a Middle Eastern release later this month. From the palette down to the powder, every product incorporates El Seed’s signature calligraphy imprint. His signature high-octane pink is juxtaposed against black and silver on the eye palette, and an inscription of his is imprinted on the Extra Dimension Skinfinish powder that was inspired by his Palestinian wife’s golden skin.

Named after his daughter, Maya is one of four lipsticks in the collection, which includes colours that range from fuchsia to warm cinnamon. And in line with his artistry, the collection naturally includes a four piece make up brush set with his vibrant calligraphy imprinted—this time based on a quote from Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero, that reads: “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.”

This is El Seed’s second worldwide collaboration with a massive brand, in 2013 he collaborated with Louis Vuitton on a limited edition of scarves and trunks marking the first time the French brand collaborated with an Arab artist.

As for his first foray into creating art for a makeup line: “Like art, makeup can change one’s perception” he said, reflecting on his desire to inspire artists of all kinds to unleash their creativity, irrespective of their medium.

The collection will be available online and at select MAC Cosmetics stores in the Middle East on March 21. 

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