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Kenza Fourati

4 Tunisian Models That You Need to Keep Under Your Watch

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Kenza Fourati

Nestled in the North of Africa where the blue Mediterranean Sea grabbles onto the orange
sandy shores, Tunisia is known for a wide myriad of things. From its dazzling sights, to its
splendid views and food, the republic is often regarded as a country that is small by size but
great by its talent. And we definitely understand why.

When it comes to the world of fashion, Tunisian models have always made their mark, and
today we’re putting the spotlight on them.

Kenza Fourati

Born in the northern city of Lille, the 34-year-old model has spent most of living in the La
Marsa neighborhood in the capital city of Tunis. Having begun her career at the tender age of
15, her portfolio could make anyone in the industry want to look up to her. Having posed for
everyone from Vogue to Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, and GQ, she is also known for having
embodied the textile creations of many A-list fashion houses.

Ali Latif

Young and ambitious, Ali Latif has already dabbled around most areas of the entertainment
industry by the age of 24. Model by day but rapper by night, the supermodel in the making has
been the face of many labels including the very lavish house of Versace. Taking the whole
modeling business by storm, he’s definitely one you want to look out for before he goes global.


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Meriem Boukadida

Based between New York and Tunis, Meriem Boukadida made her first major appearance in
the world of modeling for AGNES.B during the Paris Fashion Week of March 2016. Now 23,
she has been featured in many international magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and has even
tried her luck at acting as she teamed up with Tunisian director Sami Fehri in 2018 for his
series Tej El Hadira.

Azza Slimane

Is there anything Azza can’t do? From modeling to acting, the young Tunisian is a literal swiss
knife when it comes to flaunting her awing looks. Also an activist, Azza is the embodiment of a
new generation of models as she never shies away from making her voice heard. Just have a look at her highlights on IG if you’re ever looking to learn more about the topics she holds dear to her heart.


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